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Carpet Merchant XL

Carpet Merchant XL - $145.00

by Jean-Leon Gerome




Dimensions: 16.00"x20.75"
Size: Extra Large
658 pieces
SKU: 1563

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Children's Games

Children's Games - $155.00

by Pieter Bruegel

Dimensions: 22.00"x15.75"
Size: Extra Large
795 pieces
SKU: 1616

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Mount Corcoran

Mount Corcoran - $155.00

by Albert Bierstadt

Dimensions: 23.75"x15.00"
Size: Extra Large
675 pieces
SKU: 1940

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Primavera XL

Primavera XL - $145.00

by Sandro Botticelli

Extra-large version of Botticelli's "almost stolen" masterpiece.

Large (standard, $95) size can be found here.

Dimensions: 22.00"x13.75"
Size: Extra Large
681 pieces
SKU: 1768

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Storm in the Rocky Mountains

Storm in the Rocky Mountains - $135.00

by Albert Bierstadt

Dimensions: 21.00"x13.75"
Size: Extra Large
391 pieces
SKU: 1321

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The Battle of Carnival and Lent

The Battle of Carnival and Lent - $145.00

The Battle of Carnival and Lent, Pieter Bruegel the Elder

This painting was looted by the Nazis from the National Museum in Krakow, shortly after the Nazi invasion of Poland in 1939.  It has been missing since.  Bruegel painted several very similar versions of this painting, and the version you see here hangs in the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna.  The scene depicts the annual three-day festival of Carnival, which precedes Lent.  In this typical re-enactment, party-goers and revelers celebrate amidst beggars and cripples on the left side, and pious church goers display mercy and charity on the right.  In the center, a fat man representing carnival rides a giant beer barrel to joust with the skinny Lent, dressed in mourning and sitting on an uncomfortable prayer stool.

Dimensions: 21.25"x14.75"
Size: Extra Large
707 pieces
SKU: 1771

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The Last Judgement

The Last Judgement - $155.00

by Michelangelo Buonarotti

Fresco, Altar Wall of the Sistene Chapel, 1537-41

New cut pattern as of June 2014 for this popular item.

Dimensions: 15.25"x16.75"
Size: Extra Large
717 pieces
SKU: 1017

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Flatirons XL

Flatirons XL - $195.00

by Phil Lewis

New extra large version of this popular offering!

Click here to see the standard large size version of this puzzle.

Visit the artist's website.

Dimensions: 23.75"x15.75"
Size: Extra Large
864 pieces
SKU: 1477

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Hills of San Francisco

Hills of San Francisco - $115.00

by Linnea Pergola

Dimensions: 13.75"x18.00"
Size: Extra Large
577 pieces
SKU: 1856

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Light Snowfall in New York

Light Snowfall in New York - $155.00

by Linnea Pergola

Dimensions: 14.75"x21.50"
Size: Extra Large
702 pieces
SKU: 1863

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