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Puzzle frame (large) - $70.00

Fits any of our $85 to $105 puzzles.  Simple metal frame, plexiglas for front and back, easy to assemble, comes with instructions.

Please specify in the notes section of your order *which* puzzle this frame is for, so we can custom cut the pieces to the exact size.  You may indicate SKU or just the puzzle name.

Frames have two different pieces that are custom cut to exact puzzle size and are non-returnable.   They take 1-2 weeks before shipping.

Dimensions: 0.00"x0.00"
Size: Large (Standard)
SKU: 9001

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Puzzle frame (large)
hummingbirds-framed-front-350.jpg hummingbirds-framed-back-350.jpg carolina-parakeet-framed-front-30.jpg carolina-parakeet-framed-back-350.jpg

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