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February 19, 2008
Source: MAKE Magazine

MAKE Magazine: Liberty puzzles - Old meets new - Laser cut wood puzzles

Linerty Puzzles - Old meets new
Liberty Puzzles - Old meets new
Liberty Puzzles - wood jigsaw puzzles
Liberty Puzzles puzzle piece
@The NYC Toy fair 2008 I was pleasantly surprised to find Liberty Puzzles. Liberty Puzzles are classic wooden jigsaw puzzles, made with real maple-veneer plywood and archival paper and inks. Each puzzle image is mounted on quarter-inch plywood, and then laser-cut to all sorts of puzzle designs and shapes (the pieces are little gears, people, etc for example). They have a special coating that protects the art when it’s cut by a laser, this of course was interesting to me – it was good to talk about lasers with someone else who has a laser.

(Made in USA!).


  • Liberty Puzzles – Link.
  • More photos of Liberty puzzles @ Flickr – Link.
  • Giant set of NYC Toy fair 2008 photos @ Flickr – Link.

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