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December 4, 2013
Source: Hammertown

Why I love Liberty Puzzles

by Olive Simpson  – Age 7

My favorite thing about Liberty Puzzles is that they’re hard, fun, and awesome to do. Sometimes I can’t take my eyes off them. The pieces are made of wood and are cut into great designs like people and animals. Liberty Puzzles can make a great gift for kids and adults.  Some of them are famous pictures from artists like Van Gogh.  And they’re made out of wood so you can use them over and over again.

This is me and my sister Lillie with our summer vacation puzzle.
We like to have one that we do each summer and also do a Christmas vacation puzzle. It is so fun!


If you need something fun to do with your family and friends, Liberty Puzzles are a great choice! I have about five liberty puzzles. And have done all of them in a month. I feel so happy when I finish one of them! I really recommend these puzzles.

Here are some photos of two Liberty Puzzles that I have —



The Blue Whale puzzle is shaped like a whale!

Here’s what the pieces for the Blue Whale puzzle look like on the back and the front



Starry Night Large Piece Puzzle

Front and back of the Starry Night Puzzle


One more thing…If you have a dog or cat be careful!  They might EAT a piece of your puzzle!!!!! If that happens send a photo of the dog or cat with another photo of the place where the piece is missing to Liberty Puzzles in Colorado and they will replace the piece.  The picture of your dog or cat will go on the “wall of shame” — where they put all the pictures of the dogs and cats that chew up pieces. My dog Fern did this THREE times!!!


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