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August 15, 2013

Map of Florence

This page contains information on our deluxe puzzle offering Map of Florence.

A more complete title for this map is:

View of the City of Florence from the low wall of the Prato de' Padri di San Francesco al Monte

by Valerio Spada c. 1650

This puzzle is by far our largest offering, measuring 15.75" x 44" and 1,534 pieces.  At nearly four feet long, it will not fit on most puzzle boards.  Our puzzle designer Lynon Aksamit has outdone himself on this one, with over 200 themed and Florence-related whimsy pieces.

It's expensive because it's very difficult for us to make.

More photos:

Over 200 whimsy pieces!


Whimsy detail: Multi-pieced Duomo, with architect Brunelleschi and his tools.


Whimsy detail: Michelangelo carving David


Whimsy detail: Dante Aligheri writing The Divine Comedy

Find the Map of Florence in our store!


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