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February 1, 2017

Puzzles That Really Shape It Up

What can possibility be better than whimsy pieces? Why finding out your puzzle has a hidden shape inside of it!

Liberty Puzzles is well known and loved for the delightful whimsy pieces we fill our wooden jigsaw puzzles with.  What you may not know is each puzzle cut is hand designed by our expert puzzle designers to give you the most enjoyable challenge possible.  Many puzzle designs also include a hidden shape that can be revealed when assembling the puzzle.  Here is a some of our puzzles that have hidden shapes.

The Painting of Life, Alex Beard - Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

The Painting of Life
Dimensions: 23.75 X 10.5
Size: Large
536 pieces

American painter and author Alex Beard is best known for his elaborate wildlife compositions created in his signature style of gestural painting, which he has coined “Abstract Naturalism.” This large abstract painting has a hidden Tree of Life with in it.

Spring Garden, Janice Larson - Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Spring Garden
Dimensions: 13.75 X 13.75
Size: Large
466 pieces

Just in time for spring! This bright, floral puzzle by local Louisville, Colorado resident Janice Larson includes a multi-piece gardener character within the puzzle.





Traveling at Night Returning in Spring, Dai Jin - Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Traveling in Spring Returning at Night
Dimensions: 9.75 X 19.75
Size: Large
402 pieces

A new rendition of a classical Chinese painting by Dai Jin.  This traditional silk painting, which dates back to the Ming Dyansty (1368-1644), hides a monkey hanging from a plum blossom branch.



Fish Magic, Paul Klee - Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Fish Magic
Dimensions: 17.5 X 13.75
Size: Large
517 pieces

This post-impressionist puzzle by Paul Klee hides two fish circling each other.



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