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January 4, 2017

Top 10 Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles of 2016

2016 was a great year for us at Liberty Puzzles, check out our top 10 best selling puzzles for 2016!


The Woods Walk, Crested Butte, Colorado wooden jigsaw puzzle#10: The Woods Walk, Crested Butte, Colorado

Dimensions: 11.75 X 18.25
Size: Large
528 pieces

By Susan Anderton, this is a picturesque portrait of a trail that runs through the foothills of Mt. Crested Butte in Colorado. Located up Kebler Pass, Wood’s Walk trail offers amazing views of town and Mt. Crested Butte. Susan Anderton is one of the many local artists Liberty Puzzles partners with for unique puzzle art. See all our Susan Anderton puzzles here.








Light Snowfall in NYC wooden jigsaw puzzle#9: Light Snowfall in New York

Dimensions: 14.75 X 21.5
Size: Extra Large
702 pieces

By Linnea Pergola, this is a commission of NYC with light rainfall with the focus on the Rockefeller Center Ice Skating Rink.  This puzzle features oodles of New York City themed whimsy pieces including a taxi cab, the Statue of Liberty, ice skaters, strolling passer-bys and a hot dog cart. See all our Linnea Pergola puzzles here.







Orchids in East Window wooden jigsaw puzzle#8: Orchids in East Window

Dimensions: 13.75 X 17
Size: Large
548 pieces

Local Louisville, Colorado resident Janice Larson, provided this original art to be included in Liberty Puzzles Contemporary Artists collection.  This piece pops with vibrant color and features a pair of orchids basking in the sunlight. See all our Janice Larson puzzles here.






Sue Coccia Grizzly Bear wooden jigsaw puzzle#7: Grizzly Bear

Dimensions: 20 X 13.5
Size: Large
471 pieces

Grizzly Bear is one of Liberty Puzzle's Special Edition puzzles.  The Special Edition puzzles offer unique shapes and irregular edges giving puzzles buffs that sought after extra challenge. Sue Coccia is well known for her Animal Spirits drawings depicting animals from around the world. See all our Sue Coccia puzzles here.


Portofino, Italy wooden jigsaw puzzle#6: Portofino, Italy

Dimensions: 18.5 X 13.75
Size: Extra Large
630 pieces

Another piece by contemporary artist Linnea Pergola, this piece features a detailed watercolor and ink of Portofino, Italy with themed whimsy pieces that take you straight to the coast of Italy. See all our Linnea Pergola puzzles here.



Sue Coccia Great Horned Owl wooden jigsaw puzzle#5: Great Horned Owl

Dimensions: 19.5 X 15.5
Size: Large
372 pieces

New for 2016, Sue Coccia's Great Horned Owl is available in both Large and Extra Small size.  This is a Special Edition puzzle featuring puzzle with an irregular edgeSee all our Sue Coccia puzzles here.




Hummingbirds by Ernest Haeckel wooden jigsaw puzzle#4: Hummingbirds

Dimensions: 12.75 X 18
Size: Large
485 pieces

Hummingbirds by Ernest Haeckel is a classic vintage print puzzle and a long time favorite of puzzle lovers everywhere. Born in 1834, Haeckel was a German biologist, naturalist, philosopher, physician, professor, marine biologist, and artist who created incredibly detailed and accurate drawing of many different species. Hummingbirds is also available as a Large Piece puzzle.






Sue Coccia Rainbow Trout wooden jigsaw puzzle#3: Rainbow Trout

Dimensions: 20.25 X 9.5
Size: Large
254 pieces

Sue Coccia's Rainbow Trout is one of her Animal Spirit pieces, an intricate pen & ink drawing on watercolor paper that represents animals' qualities and traits. See all our Sue Coccia puzzles here.

The Menagerie by Rebecca Campbell wooden jigsaw puzzle#2: The Menagerie

Dimensions: 15.75 X 19
Size: Extra Large
642 pieces

The Menagerie is a new arrival for 2016. Contemporary artist Rebecca Campbell is influenced by from Indian Mughal miniatures, Persian textiles and medieval tapestries to create her own unique decorative style. The subjects of her paintings, birds, plants and animals are brought to life by her intense use of color, delicate workmanship and strong sense of design.





Winterlands by David Newton wooden jigsaw puzzle#1: Winterlands

Dimensions: 14.75 X 15
Size: Large
524 pieces

Winterlands by David Newton is a new arrival for 2016 and one of the top selling Liberty Puzzles of all time. David Newton is a contemporary artist who, in his words, paints with particular emphasis on the decorative influence of Art Nouveau and a hint of Fauvism, Impressionism and Cubism for good measure.




Boats by Lindsey wooden jigsaw puzzleHonorary mention for 2016 goes to Boats by Lindsey, coming in as the 13th best selling puzzle for 2016.  This piece is oil on canvas, by Lindsey Redifer of Indianapolis. This puzzle won the 2013 custom puzzle of the year award at Liberty Puzzles and was submitted by Lindsey's aunt Laure Redifer, of Washington, DC. The painting also won a 2012 National Congressional Art award.

Dimensions: 12.75 X 16.75
Size: Large
486 pieces

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