Replacement Pieces

Liberty Puzzles makes replacement pieces.  The first is $10.  Up to 4 more for $20. 

Please carefully check box tissue and floor before submitting a missing piece request.

To request a replacement piece, please email
and include:

1. Photo of affected area.  We just need to identify which piece.  We don't need more than one photo.  It's helpful if the photo(s) are in focus so we can see how the print lines up on the piece.

2. Please include your shipping address in the email!  We can't emphasize this enough.

3. Some detailed information about the circumstances of your missing piece(s).  This helps us with quality control here.  It's possible for a puzzle to leave here missing a piece, but it's quite rare.  Oftentimes customers later find missing pieces!  (vacuum, dishwasher filter, coat pocket, floor, whatever).  Sometimes pieces break or chip during shipping.  If you are convinced your puzzle came without a piece, please also include the TA# on the little sticker on the inside box bottom, under the box tissue.

4. If you admit that your dog or cat chewed/took the piece, you also owe us a photo and name of your pet:

Liberty Puzzles "Wall of Shame" as of 1/21/2015
Lovingly dedicated to all our furry, mischievous friends.

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