Return Policy

You may return an unopened puzzle (one that has not been out on a table) for a refund or exchange.

Please pack your puzzle carefully (preferably in the shipping box from us).  Include a detailed note about your circumstances, and shipping address and contact information.

Return of already worked puzzles (puzzles that have been partially or fully assembled, or even out on a table) puts us in a difficult position regarding completeness of puzzle.  We reserve the right to refuse return or exchange from puzzles that we think have been worked.

We try and be as reasonable as we can about exchanges, we understand that customers commonly receive gifts of puzzles they already have. Please be as specific as you can in your letter with your exchange. Thank you. 

For a refund, please include $10 for puzzle inspection, verification, and restocking fee. 

If you’d like to exchange your puzzle please include $10 for shipping and handling fees.  (thus an exchange needs $10 restock + $10 reship)

We do not keep credit card information on file (we do not see that information when you place a website order)

Ship puzzle to:

Liberty Puzzles, Attn: Returns

2526 49th St

Boulder, CO 80301

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