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Classical Paintings

Primavera Large


Dimensions: 18.75 X 11.75
Size: Large
512 pieces

by Sandro Botticelli

Some artworks narrowly escaped plundering.  The Uffizi Gallery in Florence hid most of its major masterpieces in various castles and villas in the surrounding Tuscan countryside, many at the Villa Montegufoni outside of Florence.  As German troops finally retreated in 1943, the Uffizi librarian arrived at the villa, horrified to find many of the crates pried open, and some works taken.  But the Germans must have been in a hurry, as most of the major prizes remained intact in their cases, including this huge Botticelli masterpiece, which measures 7 feet by 10 feet.

This puzzle contains an extra credit bonus problem; can you create the Celtic knot in the photo?

We also offer an Extra-Large version (681 pieces, $145) of this puzzle here.

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