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Classical Paintings

The Rape of Europa


Dimensions: 15.75 X 13.75
Size: Large
517 pieces

by Titian, 1562.

One of the great mysteries of the Gardner heist is why this masterpiece was not stolen.  Here the minor goddess Europa is seduced and abducted by Zeus in the form of a bull, and he takes her on his back into the water.  Some cupids join the chase, and several figures on the shore cheer on the merry procession.  Later, when the enamored pair arrives at Crete, he reveals that he is, in fact, king of the gods, and she becomes the first queen of Crete. The painting has been called "arguably the greatest painting in America.”  Upon receipt of the painting in 1896, Isabella Stewart Gardner wrote, “I am breathless after a two days’ orgy, drinking myself drunk with Europa, thinking and dreaming about her.”  It currently hangs at the Gardner Museum.

The Gardner Museum Heist (including interviews)

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