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Established in 2005, Liberty Puzzles are a nostalgic entry into a new golden age of wooden jigsaw puzzles. Inspired by the hand-cut wooden jigsaw puzzles of yore, our puzzles are made with 1/4" plywood. Utilizing the technology of our modern age, our puzzles are laser cut. This allows us to create beautifully complex pieces, including “whimsy” pieces, hand-designed in the shape of plants, animals, and geometric designs that complement the image of each one of our puzzles. Approximately 20% of each Liberty Puzzle are “whimsy” pieces, which will charm and delight you as you find and fit each one.

whimsical puzzle pieces


Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle History

The 1930s are known as the golden age of jigsaw puzzles. This was before the advent of die-cut (stamped) cardboard puzzles. Most puzzles were made of wood and hand-cut using a scroll saw. Usually, the wood was approximately ¼” thick. With the end of the Roaring Twenties and the onset of the Great Depression, people were looking for cheap alternatives for entertainment. A jigsaw puzzle craze exploded worldwide. Numerous companies sprang up to meet the demand. By the early 1940s, the craze had died down and die-cut puzzles were now hitting the market. Jigsaw puzzle collectors prize these classic wooden jigsaw puzzles for their intricacy, craftsmanship, and the “heft” of the pieces. For the serious jigsaw puzzler, there is nothing quite as satisfying as plunking a wooden piece into place.


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Our Image Labels

Traditionally, jigsaw puzzles came without a picture of the puzzle image on the box. Most simply had a title to tease the puzzler about what the image could possibly be. The image unfolded as the puzzle was put together, creating greater satisfaction with the finished product. In this spirit, we only include the image label on the front of our box and encourage you not to look at the box image when assembling our puzzles! In fact, we are more than happy to ship your puzzle without an image on the box. Instead we’ll provide just a title and artist information, as well as the puzzle dimensions.


Small puzzle box



Puzzle Care

If properly cared for, your puzzle will last for many years. Please use common sense. Keep your puzzle dry. Be careful when disassembling the pieces. Our whimsy pieces are intricate and can be fragile. If you have questions or comments or issues, please contact us.



Sit Long, Talk Much

Our puzzles are designed to deliver hours of classic entertainment,

and are best enjoyed as a social experience with friends and family.

So, gather around a Liberty Puzzle and spend some quality time together.

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