Custom Puzzles


 New custom orders will ship in 1 - 2 weeks.

!CUSTOM PUZZLES CANNOT BE SHIPPED WITH OTHER ITEMS!  If you want to order other standard puzzles or frames, you must place a separate order.

Liberty Puzzles will create a custom puzzle of an image you provide! Whether it’s a family, vacation, occasion photo or otherwise, we will print, mount, and cut a puzzle just for you!




Additional copies of the same size of any custom puzzle are $45 off the starting price. Additional smalls are $95 each, additional larges are $125 each. This discount is applied automatically through the website.


Small- 9 x 13in  225-250 pieces

Large- 13 x 17in  425-500 pieces

Sizes are approximate and may vary slightly based on the dimensions of the file you submit, so your image does not have to adhere to these exact dimensions. We can handle any aspect ratio except extreme panoramas.

All customs are rectangular in shape. Irregular shaped puzzles or puzzles with borders are not available.

Custom whimsy shapes are not offered. We will find which cut patterns will fit the aspect ratio of your image, and then we pick the one that best fits the theme of your photo.

Camera Resolution and File Format

Files need to be at least 1mb in size. Files smaller than 1mb won’t have sufficient resolution. Files larger should come out very clear! We also suggest making sure the photo itself is in focus.

The order form only accepts .jpg and .gif files. The order form does not accept any other file types.

Please, no screenshots! Screenshots are inherently low resolution and will not work. The same goes for photos pulled from social media, such as Instagram or Facebook. 

You must own the copyright on your image!  This means it's your photo, your artwork, or you have explicit permission from the artist.  You can indicate in the order comments section that you have received permission from the artist!

If you are a using a digital camera, consult your manual and put your camera on the highest resolution settings. This can also be true for some smart phones.

Important: We do not do any image manipulation/correction on our end. We will print the image exactly as it shows on the file.

What Makes a Good Custom Puzzle?

Consider your image chopped up into either two or five hundred pieces! Is there a good color range? What about plenty of textures/patterns? Too much blue sky or foliage can make for especially frustrating puzzles. Too much plain white area makes the cut lines stand out and detracts from the puzzle image.  Please avoid large white areas.  The best custom puzzles have a range of colors and textures, a balance of composition, and fun subject matter!  You can see examples of good custom puzzle art here.

Important: You must own the copyright to the artwork or have explicit permission to use the image. If we have questions about this we will contact you.

Custom Sample