Custom Puzzles


October 9, 2017.  New custom puzzle orders ship in approximately 3-4 business days.  Custom puzzles are turned off around December 1st until mid-January.

Liberty Puzzles will create a custom puzzle of an image that you provide. Whether it’s a family photo or other image, we will print, mount and cut a puzzle just for you!

What makes a good custom puzzle?  Think about your image chopped up into 500 pieces.  What will they look like?  Is there good color range?  Too much blue sky or water or foliage?  The best puzzle images have a range of colors and textures (patterns),decent overall composition (balance),and fun subject matter.  View some of our favorite submissions here.

Important: you must own the copyright to the artwork or have explicit permission to use the image.  If we have questions about this we will contact you.

Camera resolution and file format

If you are using a digital camera, consult your manual and put your camera on the highest resolution settings. This will enable us to enlarge the photo and provide the best possible image quality. We can handle just about any kind of graphic file.  Usually customers submit .jpg files, and if you are submitting a .jpg file the file should be at least 1 MB (= 1,000 kb) large.  If your files are smaller than 1 MB the resolution will not be sufficient. 

This order form accepts .jpg, .png, and .gif files.  This order form does not accept .tif or .psd files, please convert to .jpg to place order.

Please, no screenshots!  Screenshot files are inherently low resolution and will not work.  We cannot emphasize this enough.


Large (standard) size custom, 13" x 17" (or so, depending on dimensions),425-500 pieces, $160.
Small size custom, 9"x13" (or so),225-250 pieces, $130. 

Your image does not have to adhere to these dimensions (aspect ratio) exactly.  We can handle just about any aspect ratio except extreme panoramas.  If in doubt send us an email with your image attached and we'll check it out for you.

Additional custom puzzles of the same custom image are $55 off the above pricing.  The website will automatically apply the discount.