Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the puzzles rated by difficulty?

A: For the most part we don’t rate our puzzles. Puzzle difficulty is highly variable person to person- the puzzles we know are especially difficult are searchable under the keywords “hard” and “expert.”


Q: Are there discounts or sales?

A: Because our puzzles are so labor intensive, we don’t have the margins to do discounts or sales. 


Q: How do I get a blank box-top for my order?

A: Simply write "No Image Label" in your customer notes when checking out! We'll know what to do.


Q: Are Liberty Puzzles available in stores in my area?

A: We have one brick and mortar Liberty Puzzles located on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Colorado. Our factory location is also in Boulder.


Q: What size frame does my puzzle go in?

A: Puzzles goes into frames based on the puzzles price.

Children's puzzles and extra small rounds go into Kids Frames

Puzzles $85 and under go into Small Frames

Puzzles $95-$115 go into Large Frames

Puzzles $125 and up go into Extra-Large Frames

The Map of Florence has its own separate frame and shipping price due to its size. Pricing available upon request.


Q: Why don’t orders placed over the weekend ship until Monday?

A: All our puzzles ship out of our factory in Boulder, which is closed Saturdays and Sundays except for a handful of Saturdays in late November and December.


Q: Why aren’t packages delivered during the weekend?

A: UPS does not deliver on weekends (much to your and our chagrin) except for a few locations where UPS is testing out Saturday delivery. Pricing and availability of Saturday delivery is available upon request.


Q: How do I know when my Factory Pick-Up order is ready?

A: We will give you a call when your order is ready to be picked up! If you prefer an e-mail notification, you can note that in your Customer Notes during checkout.


Q: Does choosing expedited shipping mean my puzzle will ship same day?

A: Expedited shipping only expedites the shipping process, it does not expedite the production process! Our production lead times are always noted at the top of our homepage. You can also contact customer service for ship/arrival date estimates if you have a deadline in mind.


Q: Can the puzzles be glued?

A: We don’t recommend gluing your puzzles together. There is no guaranteed outcome for gluing your puzzle and you lose any chance of ever getting to do your puzzle again! Our frames offer a way to hold your puzzles together, as well as give you the opportunity to rebuild.


Q: What does your packaging look like?

A: Most puzzles come nestled in colorful tissue inside our standard blue box, which measures 8"x10"x2.5":



Q: My order is a gift! Can you not include the price with the order receipt?

A: Any order that looks like a gift, including anything shipping to a person other than the person placing the order, will NOT include a receipt.


Q: Why doesn't your order form accept APO addresses?

A: That is a great question- we have found a work-around, however! If you put your Unit Number into the company line and just your box number in the address, it will work just fine. If you have any concerns, we're also happy to take your order via phone or e-mail.

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