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January 5, 2018

Top 10 Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles of 2017

Thank you to all our puzzle lovers for a amazing 2017, we wish you a happy and fun-filled 2018. Check out our top 10 best selling puzzles for 2017!

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Florence By Linnea Pergola, wooden jigsaw puzzle#10: Florence

Dimensions: 13.75 X 19.75
Size: Extra Large
591 pieces                                                        

By contemporary artist Linnea Pergola, Florence showcases an impressive 591 pieces and displays a playful look at the infamous Italian city. Painted in Pergola's classic style and peppered with Florence themed whimsy pieces, including the famous Brunelleschi’s dome at the top of the Florence cathedral, this puzzle will draw the eye upwards through the city and provide a satisfying challenge.

This puzzle was introduced Fall 2017. See all our Linnea Pergola puzzles here.







San Francisco wooden jigsaw puzzle#9: San Francisco

Dimensions: 20.75 X 13.75
Size: Extra Large
670 pieces

Jan Davidson captures the true feeling of San Francisco with this 670 piece puzzle stocked full of bay area themed whimsies; expect cable cars, boats, bridges, and buskers! Davidson's unique approach is evident in her cityscapes. By first exploring the entire area on foot with a sketchbook and camera, then taking to the sky in a helicopter to gain new vantage points, she is able to paint with a distinct perspective on the city which lends itself to the exquisite detail found in each of her paintings (and puzzles)! This puzzle was introduced in Spring of 2017.  See all our Jan Davidson puzzles here.


Winterlands by David Newton wooden jigsaw puzzle#8: Winterlands

Dimensions: 14.75 X 15
Size: Large
524 pieces

Winterlands by David Newton was both a new arrival in 2016 as well as the overall top selling puzzle of the year. Not too bad for being released in October!





Portofino, Italy wooden jigsaw puzzle#7: Portofino, Italy

Dimensions: 18.5 X 13.75
Size: Extra Large
630 pieces

Coming in at 7th, another piece by contemporary artist Linnea Pergola featuring a detailed watercolor and ink rendition of Portofino, Italy. While the piece count is high (630 pieces),the outcome is worth the extra effort! So be sure to grab a glass of wine, a comfy chair, and get ready to have each whimsy piece transport you straight to the Italian coast! See all of Linnea Pergola puzzles here.


A Resounding Sucess wooden jigsaw puzzle#6: A Resounding Success

Dimensions: 13.75 X 16.5
Size: Large
513 pieces

New for Fall 2017, A Resounding Success is the quirky, lovable type of art that artist Pat Scott is known for. Because this puzzle is a favorite for cat lovers, it's fitting there are numerous feline whimsies, as well as pieces inspired by music and dance, sprinkled throughout the puzzle.






Sue Coccia Grizzly Bear wooden jigsaw puzzle#5: Grizzly Bear

Dimensions: 20 X 13.5
Size: Large
471 pieces

Moving up two spots from 2016, Grizzly Bear by Sue Coccia is one of Liberty Puzzle's Special Edition puzzles. Known for their unique borders, Special Edition puzzles offer puzzles buffs that sought after extra challenge. Already conqured the Grizzly Bear? See more of Sue Coccia puzzles here.


Sue Coccia Ospry wooden jigsaw puzzle#4: Osprey

Dimensions: 15.25 X 19.25
Size: Large
377 pieces

Sue Coccia's Osprey is an intricate pen & ink drawing on watercolor paper, created to represent animal qualities and traits. This is a Special Edition puzzle featuring an irregular borders and an outstanding challenge. See all our Sue Coccia puzzles here.







Harrison Weir The Dog's Dinner Party wooden jigsaw puzzle#3: The Dog's Dinner Party

Dimensions: 20.75 X 10.75
Size: Large
447 pieces

New for Fall 2017 and part of the Liberty Puzzle Vintage Prints collection, “The Dogs Dinner Party” by Harrison Weir was created in 1870 as an illustration for a children's book. This image, taken from “My Mother’s Picture Book”, contains four stories, of which ‘The Dogs Dinner Party’ is just one.


Hummingbirds by Ernest Haeckel wooden jigsaw puzzle#2: Hummingbirds

Dimensions: 12.75 X 18
Size: Large
485 pieces

Moving up from #4 in 2016, Hummingbirds by Ernest Haeckel is a classic Vintage Print and a long time favorite of puzzle lovers alike. Born in 1834, Haeckel was a German biologist, naturalist, philosopher, physician, professor, and artist who created incredibly detailed and accurate drawings of countless species. Due to its popularity and demand, Hummingbirds is also available as a Large Piece puzzle.







The Menagerie by Rebecca Campbell wooden jigsaw puzzle#1: Vogue Christmas Gifts Number

Dimensions: 12.75 X 17
Size: Large
481 pieces

Vogue Christmas Gifts Number was the #1 best selling puzzle in 2017. This Vogue cover was illustrated by George Wolfe Plank in December 1914 in a classic Art Deco style. This puzzle is filled with winter and Christmas themed pieces including a Christmas tree surrounded by snowflakes. Click through to view more Liberty Puzzle Vintage Prints



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