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Frames and Accessories

Frames have plexiglas on front and back, so you can see the intricate cut pattern form the back.

Choose which size frame based on the price of your puzzle.  In the order comments section, specify which puzzle the frame is for (just the title, we don't need the dimensions).  Frames and plex are cut to exact dimensions of your puzzle, and come with assembly instructions.

Puzzles that cost $75 and under go into a small frame
Puzzles $85 - $105 go into a large frame
Puzzzles $115 and up go into an extra large frame
Little Liberties and extra-small 7 inch round puzzles go into a kids puzzle frame

The frames are cut exactly to puzzle dimensions and will hide about 1/8" of the puzzle all the way around.  The puzzle fits snug in the frame, it is not a "floating effect" to see the entirety of the puzzle.  Because the frame is custom cut to your puzzle, puzzle frames are non-returnable.

Here are a handful of Sue Coccia puzzles in frames:


More framed Coccia puzzles, courtesy of Jenny Pemberton!


You do not need to glue your puzzle to frame it.  We do not recommend glue, and we have not tested glue on our puzzles.  We suspect most any glue would work, although we'd recommend gluing the back side, not the front.

To move your completed puzzle, cut two pieces cardboard the same size, slightly bigger than puzzle.  Slide puzzle onto one piece of cardboard, put other piece of cardboard on top, you now have a puzzle sandwich.  Tape sides and you can easily transport in car.  You can also use the puzzle sandwich to flip your puzzle over by pressing cardboard pieces together and flipping.

Frames have two different pieces that are custom cut to exact puzzle size and are non-returnable.   They take 1-2 weeks before shipping.

The Map of Florence frame is a special order- please call 303-444-1442 to inquire!

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